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Caterpillar 3116 Engine Bare Block. HeavyD-1495403
August 9, 2021
1170482, 2113023, 0R4119, 0R9257, 1022014, 0R4331, 1188010, 1408993, 10R0957, 10R8501, 1034562, 1189030, 1592479, 1913003, 0R4300, 0R4894, 10R2781
10R8501 2113023 Injector for Cat 3406E C15 C16 Engines
September 30, 2021
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Caterpillar 3126 Engine Bare Block. HeavyD-3058141


These are a many models and descriptions of cat machines that uses the 3126 cylinder block in its engine. This is a short block. Not a long block. This comes with only the block. There are no crankshaft, bearings, pistons or liners.
However, we can also supply the complete engine overhaul kit, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head and other parts. if all of this is ordered from us, then the shipping costs can be reduced.

Available as brand new, good used or rebuilt. Overhaul kits and other parts for the 3126 engine are available on request.

  • Cylinder Bare Block 3058141 2633773, 2214480
  • Fits Caterpillar CAT Engine 3126

This Caterpillar engine block is made to fit part# 3058141, 2633773, 2214480. Its a bare block and will replace the 3126 engine block in most models of 3126 engines.
NB. IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF THIS IS FOR YOUR ENGINE, SEND US YOUR ENGINE SERIAL AND ARRANGEMENT NUMBERS WITH YOUR ORDER. This is needed as it will be used to ensure that this block fits your engine.

These are many models and descriptions that uses the 3126 cylinder block in its engine. This is a short block. Not a long block. This comes with only the block. There are no crankshaft, bearings, pistons or liners.
However, we can also supply the complete engine overhaul kit, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head and other parts. if all of this is ordered from us, then the shipping costs can be reduced.

This is a brand new block. There are also good used Caterpillar blocks and complete rebuilt blocks. Contact us for more information on these options, No core charge as no core is needed.

Cat Part Numbers blocks 3058141 2633773, 2214480.


Truck Freight price is to be provided after the order. The order can be cancelled if the freight quote is not acceptable.

The Cylinder Bare Block 3058141 is found is these machines.

Asphalt Paver
AP-1000D Asphalt Paver EAD
AP-1055D Asphalt Paver A6P
AP-1055D Asphalt Paver FAC
AP-755 Asphalt Paver B3T
BG-2455D Asphalt Paver BNW
BG-2455D Asphalt Paver BXW
BG-260D Asphalt Paver BPW
35 Challenger 3HS
35 Challenger 9DF
45 Challenger 4DZ
45 Challenger 4KW
55 Challenger 3SM
55 Challenger 5DK
55 Challenger 6NN
55 Challenger 7DM
55 Challenger 7TZ
55 Challenger AEN
Cold Planer
PM-102 Cold Planer Z2X
460 Combine 9FW
460 Combine Harvester 654
465 Combine 3HZ
470 Combine 9TW
Earthmoving Compactor
815B Soil Compactor 17Z
Engine – Generator Set
3126B Gen Set Engine BDZ
Engine – Industrial
3126 Engine MC8
3126 Industrial Engine 3TR
3126 Industrial Engine 9ZR
3126 Industrial Engine CKK
3126B Industrial Engine BEJ
3126B Industrial Engine DCD
3126E Engine RC3
C7 Industrial Engine JKL
C7 Industrial Engine JRA
C7 Industrial Engine JTF
C7 Industrial Engine PRY
C7 Industrial Engine TEF
SPP101 Pumper 715
Engine – Machine
3126 Engine – Machine 4CW
3126 Engine – Machine 55K
3126 Engine – Machine 6JK
3126B Engine – Machine 5GG
3126B Engine – Machine BMA
C7 Engine – Machine C7C
C7.2 Engine – Machine KHX
C7.2 Engine – Machine TX7
Engine – Truck
3126 Truck Engine 1BW
3126 Truck Engine 1WM
3126 Truck Engine 4ES
3126 Truck Engine 6PZ
3126 Truck Engine 7JZ
3126 Truck Engine 7LZ
3126 Truck Engine 8HW
3126 Truck Engine 8SZ
3126B Truck Engine 1AJ
3126B Truck Engine 5GL
3126B Truck Engine 7AS
3126B Truck Engine 8YL
3126B Truck Engine BKD
3126E Truck Engine 9SZ
3126E Truck Engine CKM
3126E Truck Engine CRP
3126E Truck Engine DPF
3126E Truck Engine HEP
3126E Truck Engine LEF
C7 Truck Engine C7S
C7 Truck Engine FML
C7 Truck Engine FMM
C7 Truck Engine JRT
C7 Truck Engine KAL
C7 Truck Engine LBM
C7 Truck Engine NPH
C7 Truck Engine RMF
C7 Truck Engine SAP
C7 Truck Engine TSK
C7 Truck Engine WAX
C7 Truck Engine YPG
Engineer Support Tractor
30/30 Track-Type Tractor 9XW
DEUCE Track-Type Tractor 7RR
322C Excavator BKJ
322C Excavator HEK
322C FM Excavator BPH
322C FM Excavator C3R
322C FM Excavator CAM
322C FM Excavator CBY
322C FM Excavator LAR
322C FM Excavator M2H
324D Excavator CJX
324D Excavator JZR
324D Excavator MND
324D Excavator T2D
324D FM Excavator JGK
324D FM Excavator JKR
324D FM LL Excavator JLS
324D L Excavator BTK
324D L Excavator DFP
324D L Excavator GPK
324D L Excavator JAT
324D L Excavator JJG
324D L Excavator LAB
324D L Excavator PYT
324D L Excavator SYM
324D L Excavator TSN
324D LN Excavator EJC
324D LN Excavator TRH
324D LN Mobile Hyd Power Unit KJR
325C Excavator BFE
325C Excavator S2C
325C FM Excavator G1L
325C FM Excavator M2K
325C FM Excavator S3M
325C FM Excavator Y4P
325D Excavator CJM
325D Excavator DAP
325D Excavator DBH
325D Excavator GPB
325D Excavator KDG
325D Excavator PKE
325D FM Excavator C7K
325D FM Excavator C8L
325D FM LL Excavator C9M
325D L Excavator A3R
325D L Excavator AZP
325D L Excavator CYW
325D L Excavator ERK
325D L Excavator GBR
325D L Excavator JCL
325D L Excavator KBE
325D L Excavator LAL
325D L Excavator MCL
325D L Excavator NAC
325D L Excavator PAL
325D L Excavator PEH
325D L Excavator SCR
325D L Excavator T2S
325D L Mobile Hyd Power Unit H3N
325D L Mobile Hyd Power Unit SRC
325D MH Excavator C4H
325D MH Excavator RJK
325D Mobile Hyd Power Unit C3N
326D L Excavator PJM
328D LCR Excavator GTN
328D LCR Excavator MKR
328D LCR Excavator RMX
328D LCR Excavator SWF
329D Excavator BBF
329D Excavator BYS
329D Excavator DTZ
329D Excavator WDK
329D L Excavator BFC
329D L Excavator CZF
329D L Excavator DJF
329D L Excavator JHJ
329D L Excavator LFW
329D L Excavator LGN
329D L Excavator MNB
329D L Excavator RSK
329D L Excavator TAY
329D L Excavator TPM
329D L Excavator TZL
329D L Excavator WLT
329D L Excavator XDB
329D L Excavator YFW
329D L Mobile Hyd Power Unit J8D
329D L Mobile Hyd Power Unit J9D
329D L Mobile Hyd Power Unit L5G
329D L Mobile Hyd Power Unit L5H
329D LN Excavator EBM
329D LN Excavator SCY
M325D L MH Excavator KAY
M325D L MH Excavator KGG
M325D MH Excavator EDF
Forest Products
322C Logger BYL
533 Wheel Feller Buncher CDR
539 Knuckleboom Loader 1PZ
543 Wheel Feller Buncher ASJ
573 Wheel Feller Buncher 573
584 Forwarder PAK
584HD Forwarder 109
584HD Forwarder PBK
TK370 Wheel Feller Buncher WBD
TK371 Industrial Tractor WBG
TK380 Wheel Feller Buncher WBE
TK381 Industrial Tractor WBH
Integrated Toolcarrier
IT38G II Integrated Toolcarrier CSX
IT38G Integrated Toolcarrier 7BS
IT62G Integrated Toolcarrier 6PS
IT62H Integrated Toolcarrier M5G
Marine Products
3126 Marine Engine 1ZJ
3126 Marine Engine 4EZ
3126 Marine Engine 8NM
3126 Marine Engine NSW
3126B Marine Engine 3GS
C7 Marine Engine C7D
C7 Marine Engine C7X
C7 Marine Engine C7Z
C7 Marine Engine M7A
C7 Marine Engine M7G
Material Handler
M325D L MH Material Handler ETE
M325D MH Material Handler GE8
Motor Grader
120H Motor Grader ALZ
120K 2 Motor Grader SZS
120K Motor Grader JAP
120K Motor Grader SZN
12K Motor Grader JJA
12K Motor Grader SZP
12M Motor Grader B92
135H Motor Grader AMX
140 Motor Grader B54
140G Motor Grader 5MD
140G Motor Grader 72V
140K 2 Motor Grader SZW
140K Motor Grader JPA
140K Motor Grader SZL
140M Motor Grader B9D
140M Motor Grader B9G
140M Motor Grader B9M
140M Motor Grader D9G
150 Motor Grader B55
160K Motor Grader JBP
160K Motor Grader SZM
Petroleum Products
3126B Petroleum Engine Z2A
C7 Petroleum Engine C7P
C7 Petroleum Engine K2A
C7 Petroleum Engine P7L
C7 Power Package PGZ
Track-Type Tractor
D6N Track-Type Tractor CBF
D6N Track-Type Tractor CCG
Wheel-Type Loader
938G II Wheel Loader B9Y
938G II Wheel Loader CRD
938G Wheel Loader 4YS
950G II Wheel Loader AXR
950G II Wheel Loader AXX
950G II Wheel Loader AYD
950G II Wheel Loader AYS
950G Wheel Loader 3JW
950G Wheel Loader 4BS
950H Wheel Loader J5J
950H Wheel Loader JAD
950H Wheel Loader JLX
950H Wheel Loader K5K
950H Wheel Loader M1G
950H Wheel Loader MXL
950H Wheel Loader N1A
962G II Wheel Loader AXS
962G II Wheel Loader AXY
962G II Wheel Loader AYG
962G II Wheel Loader BAC
962G Wheel Loader 4PW
962G Wheel Loader 5AS
962H Wheel Loader J6J
962H Wheel Loader K6K
962H Wheel Loader M3G
962H Wheel Loader MAL
962H Wheel Loader N4A
962H Wheel Loader PCW
962H Wheel Loader SSA
966E Wheel Loader 99Y
966F II Wheel Loader 1SL
966F Wheel Loader 4YG
Wheel-Type Skidder
525B Wheel Skidder 3KZ
525C Wheel Skidder 525
535B Wheel Skidder AAE
535C Wheel Skidder 535
545C Wheel Skidder 545
Work Tool
MC230-2 Crusher A3S

Additional information
Weight 471.00 lbs

Used, Rebuilt

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